How difficult to fix

Notice Hachi A Dog Tale. The one from TitnTV i corrrct.

Am I blind? What exactly are we supposed to notice? I see Hachi on titantv and same on Tablo. Did I miss something?

Nevermind, the time is different.

TitanTV has the correct time. Been this way sine channel got data. Have ticket open and told them problem, but the guide provider wants an image, so i sent @tablosupport the images.

Just.wish there was a way that the guide provider could be changed toTitanTV.

Nothing comes for free. TitanTV doesn’t possess magical “TV Schedule” information, they get it from sources that get it from sources that are at the root of what TabloTV uses and thus, ultimately, isn’t really free, but AFAIK, TitanTV can make the data available as long as it is not abused (that is, used as an API apart from the hooks that TitanTV provides).

TitanTV allows for the user to create stations too. I’m not sute if TitanTV has it or I created it copying another station.

I do manual recordings for now.