How can I move Tablo to a new wifi network?

I’ve got a similiar problem but reversed. My tablo was on a wired network but I need to move it to wireless network. The iPad app doesn’t see the Tablo_xxxx netwirk.

OK, after much trial and error, I’ve figured out how to get the Tablo moved from ethernet to Wifi. I’m going to spare y’all the details of my trial and errors and go straight to what works.  For those (Tablo support) if you want I’m happy to speak with you as to what other issues cropped up.

(1) Factory reset the Tablo device.  Push and maintain pushing the blue reset button on the back.  The blue light will blink faster and faster until it turns solid.  Let go of the reset button.  The Tablo is reset.
(2) Just in case, delete the Tablo app from the iPad and redownload and install.
(3) The Tablo device will still look like it’s connected .  It isn’t.  Hit the refresh icon on top right. The round arrow.  This will force a rescan for the device.  It shouldn’t see and Tablo device connected anymore.
(4) Proceed to re-install the Tablo just like it came out of the box.

@Gerald - You shouldn’t have needed to do a factory reset. 

There are instructions on how to change from wired to wireless here:
@Gerald - You shouldn't have needed to do a factory reset. 

There are instructions on how to change from wired to wireless here:

The problem I am having is that my tablo no longer broadcasts the SSID (Tablo_XXXX) for me to connect to. I try to “Edit Wifi”, and the Tablo_XXXX cannot be seen on multiple devices. Should I try a factory reset?

@millsdmb - You shouldn’t need or attempt a factory reset. It can have serious implications to your prior recordings so we don’t recommend it unless absolutely necessary.

I would suggest placing a ticket with @TabloSupport and have them give you a hand with the switchover. 

@millsmb @Gerald When switching from wired to wireless, or vice versa, just remove (or insert) the Ethernet cord, reboot and reboot the Tablo. It will detect the change on its boot. To reboot your Tablo, press and quickly release the blue reset button on the back right of the box.

This original thread asked how to move from one wifi to another wifi with a response from Tablo that said: Good question - not sure on that one. Place a ticket and we’ll get that sorted out.

I don’t see that ever got sorted out in the tread as it went from a wifi to wifi discussion to a wired to wifi discussion, unless I missed something. I need to move from one wifi that seems to be too weak to a stronger one. Anyone know how to do that?

@vpetrill - There are instructions here:

Works great. Thanks much.

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The instructions listed above imply you can connect to the Tablo My router died and I need to force the Tablo to broadcast the new WiFi SSID. Please help!

Just unplug the ethernet cable from the Tablo and reboot it (blue button).

Then you will be able to see it in the networks available (TABLO_XXXX_ and change the Wifi network.

Thank you but this implies the Tablo is reachable on the existing wifi network. I need to update settings on a Tablo that is not accessible via WiFi.

No Wifi needed, Tablo will act like a kind of Wifi network itself, you just have to connect to it with a smart phone and then change its Wifi configuration for the new router.

Okay, you’re router died, and your Tablo was connecting to it via wireless, correct?
Did you get a replacement wireless router?
Do you want your Tablo to connect to the new wireless router via wireless?

If you answered yes to all 3 questions, then…
In that case, I would change my new wireless router’s SSID to whatever the old one was, and make sure the password and security encryption type (WEP, WPA2, …) is set to the same as the old one, too.
Then your Tablo, and every other wireless device will automagically connect to the new wireless router the same as they did the old one.

I guess I am not presenting the question correctly. How do I get the Tablo to send out its SSID to connect to? It was previously configured to use WiFi and I need to know how to get it to send out that SSID. I can’t just connect to it. It is configured to work on a WiFi network that no longer exists. Uggh.

Your Tablo will not broadcast its internal wireless SSID after you configure it to connect to your wireless router.
That is, unless you reset your Tablo to factory defaults, but then you’ll lose all recordings.

The jist of my previous post is equivalent to you having a lock (wireless router) and a key (Tablo).
You changed the lock (wireless router), and now the key (Tablo) won’t work.
So, change the lock (wireless router) to work with the key (Tablo).

Follow the instructions in my previous post to change your new wireless router SSID, password, and security encryption settings to have your Tablo connect to it:

It may seem odd that someone might have a wi-fi router that died and that the person did not remember the settings. Or maybe the name of the network had to be changed for whatever reason like a name change due to marriage or divorce. So in those instances it is not possible to just set up the new router in the exact same was as the one that died. This puts the person who just had to purchase the new router in a bind if they want to change the Tablo network setting. I had to change my network name for another reason but I had the exact same problem. So I resorted to doing a Factory Reset. That was the only way to get it back that I could find. Thanks to Gerald for the solid advice. It worked for me.

For future reference, I would check my smartphone, tablet, computer, or any other device that connected to that router to find out what its SSID was.

If Gerry was really giving solid advice and for reference to the further future - at the top of every page there’s a search box – there’s also a header with a link for Support

There you’ll find a button taking you to Welcome to the Tablo Knowledge Base – Tablo just enter change wifi into the search box.

You could have saved some struggles and an unnecessary factory reset…

They really do make it that easy to figure things out :wink: