How can I get firmware version 2.2.2?

I do not have firmware version 2.2.2. How can I force my Tablo to get the update?

It’s still in beta.

We discovered a show stopping issue until Tablo fixes the problem. They are investigating it today. Hopefully a new beta to try soon to fix the problem.

I sure hope you meant the good pun “show stopping” as the issue does involve show stopping.


Good news! At 5:00 PM CDT Tablo sent out 2.2.3 RC to the beta testers to test the problem that was found Saturday. The problem is fixed, so the new 2.2.3 is on track for July. See if you missed it. List of things coming!


Great news. I was on their beta testing for up to version 2.1.30. Do we have to re-register to have our unit added to this list?

You could sign up to be a beta tester. The even releases are beta. Since we’re near the end of this beta test, you might be included in the next if you’re interested. Note that beta usually = better, but sometimes, as in this one a bug gets discovered and fixed before it is released to those not running beta.

Just ask @TabloSupport or @TabloTV to put you on the beta list and what devices you can test. Did you ask to be taken off?

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Thanks! But nope I never asked to be removed from the beta list for Tablo firmware testing.

Don’t know why you were taken off, but hope you can get back on.