How can I force the Tablo to reformat the HDD?

Hi !

I’ve moved my Tablo from wired to wireless setiup but it “looks like” the recordings that I used to have are still there.  At least the title icons are.  But if I try to play them, none of them work.  So my question, how do I force the Tablo to format the HDD ?

One more thing to add.  The title icons that show up are also NOT the right ones.  For example, the recording was supposed to be “Blue Bloods on CBS” but it shows as “KTVU news”.

@Gerald - It’s odd that your recordings would be weird after a swap between wired and wireless. Send a note to and they’ll work with you to get things sorted out. They may be able to preserve your recordings. 

Not sure what might have happened to the recording files (on the USB drive) in the transition from wired to wireless, but I’ve had those same symptoms before while troubleshooting possible drive related issues. I’m guessing the Tablo keeps track of channels, schedules, recordings, cover art, etc in a database stored on flash memory inside the Tablo, and the recordings and other files are stored on the USB drive. If the recording files can not be found on the USB drive, you just get an error when trying to play them. If you re-scan channels, channel mappings and cover art files no longer match up. Tablo, or someone else, can correct me if this is incorrect.

Since I had re-formatted my USB drive, I knew why the files were no longer found. To get the Tablo to work correctly again, I had to factory reset the Tablo (by holding the reset button for more than 10 seconds) to presumably erase the configuration database on flash. You’ll have to go back through the initial setup again, but it should be working correctly, afterwards. Don’t do this if you believe you have recordings you wish to restore.

Edit: Forgot to add that I also had to Tablo app cached data on my Android devices and clear Chrome browser history on PC’s. After each client sync’ed again, all was back to normal.