How can I delete all recordings after replacing hard drive

My hard drive failed. I replaced it but the Tablo still shows all of the recordings from the old drive. However, the recordings aren’t really there. Is there a simple way to delete all recordings from the list other than going through the list one-by-one?

If not, is there a way to delete recordings marked protected without the unprotect-delete-delete approach?

I think the internal storage in the Tablo contains the database for the recordings. Did you try a factory reset There are links other directions based on which Tablo model you are running.

There have been posts telling up overnight maintenance will (should) clean up the DB. If you can wait a day.

Factory reset, sure but then you get to reschedule things and start from the very beginning, it’s a bit of overkill. The disclaimer from the support article for factory reset:

  • You have tried absolutely everything else to fix your Tablo (including talking to our amazing Tablo Support representatives).


A factory reset should not be attempted as a troubleshooting step and should only be done as a last resort by someone who knows what they’re doing.

It’s not a let’s-see-what-happens process