Holiday movies coming up

With Christmas coming up, thought I would remind everyone of the BYU channel on Roku and most other players. “Silent Night” which is a BYU production is available to stream all the time. They also broadcast live, the same as your cable company has. There is also an Android app. They also show some Disney movies. Last year I saw “Follow Me Boys”. Also saw movie 100 to 1. Much more than Morman content.

If you have ION Television, they usually have some ok holiday films as well.

You forget that I’m STILL waiting for guide information for ION Television. It’s been a WEEK and yes, I do have a ticket open. Oh, how I wish TitanTV could be used on Tablo instead of the EPG provider that was picked. You get what you pay for, and it appears the provider picked does things much different than others. WHY can’t they simply match up by what is detected? Somehow TitanTV ALWAYS gets the new stations listed PRIOR to the guide that Tablo uses. @TabloTV By any chance are you using Zap2It? I just checked them, and they also don’t have 36-3 listed. ONLY TitanTV has 36-3 - NONE of the additional tvlisting providers I found have it. It is not just Tablo that is missing. Can the majority of the providers, with the exception of TitanTV be using the same provider to get their information?

@beastman - There’s no way we could easily switch providers. Many of Tablo’s recording abilities are based on the flags provided by our current provider.