High Error Rate on Recordings

When I play back recorded shows I get a high number that are unwatchable or painful to watch. Playback pauses, image breaks up, digital artifacts etc. The errors are not in the network or device as the errors are repeatable across multiple devices, always at the same point of the show.

The edit channel UI shows five green circles for all the channels I get, and I never see issues when watching live TV in the next room using the same type of antenna.

I’ve tried turning down the quality of recording to the lowest 720 setting. That seems to help, but I’m still getting recordings that are unwatchable. I’m using the Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive 5tb as recommended by Tablo.

I’ve contacted Tablo support with no response. Is there an estimate on how long they take to respond?

Is there an error log I can get to as a user? Any other ideas?

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This is very likely an OTA antenna signal issue. The pixelation you describe is due to poor signal. What antenna are you using? Are you splitting it before the Tablo?

Using an RCA antenna http://www.rcaantennas.net/indoor-hd-antenna/?sku=ANT1450BF

The Tablo has it’s own antenna, use the same model on the TV in the next room and it works great on the tv. Are there any diagnostics on the tablo to tell me that it’s having signal strength issues? The only indication I’ve found is in the edit channel section there all channels are showing five green circles, that seems to say it has a strong signal.

Got to say I’m disappointed by the lack of tools on the tablo to figure out what’s going on. Support seems to be in the let’s blame the network for no reason mode, yet a speed test would be very easy to build into the app eliminating the question altogether. Something to show signal strength live as you adjust your antenna also wouldn’t be that hard.

Is live tv the same? If not, it would not seem like an antenna issue to me.

I had similar recording only issues that were solved by upgrading my modem and router. I went from a 4 year old modem/router combo at N speed to an AC speed modem and router. Not one issue with recording since.

How Many tuners do you have?

The more tuners there are, the weaker the signal gets per tuner. I have a 4-tuner, outdoor RCA antenna in the attic AND I have a amplifier. Without the amplifier, I couldn’t get CBS and a few other channels.

Some diagnostic tools would be good, there is an app that takes your zip code and helps you setup your antenna. I can’t remember the name.

Every set up will be different (how far you are from source of signal, antenna type, building material of where you live, what floor, trees/hills surrounding you, position of the antenna). it’s hard for Tablo to to accomodate all these factors but I hope they can help you get to the bottom of it.

My theory, you need an amplifier, use your TVFOOL report to position the antenna correctly. Can you provide your TVFOOL report?

I actually have the same problem: I can watch live TV though Tablo without any problems, but some recordings are basically unwatchable. The setup used to work perfectly, but something must have changed. and it seems it only happens on certain shiws, though.
The antenna has an amplifier.

I was having similar issues. I thought I had my antenna positioned properly as all channels showed 5 green dots, yet I had some pixilation on 1 or 2 channels live & many recording issues. I adjusted my antenna slightly and I have no pixilation issues on any channels live & much less recording issues.