Here is how to build apple tv 4 app to play live tablo channels

i used own channel from git hub i made a video on Youtube video link


Since I’m a software tinkerer, this is really awesome. I’m giving this a go while awaiting the ATV4 Tablo app. The only thing I am missing is the USB-C male to USB-A male cable. Once that arrives, I’ll see how this works out.

Thanks for posting!

This is cool, I’m most likely going to wait for the official app. I would be really interested in this app if all the channels could be combined in the app. So If I launched the app it would start with a live channel and I could swipe right or left to change the channel. From the video, it appears that the channel loads fairly quickly.

i had to order a usb-c cable also but I did go ahead and made the icons for my local tv stations if you would like i could make them for you

These are great John! I’d be pleased to have these icons just the way they are. I have all the same local TV stations.

Great icons agree. I can’t wait until real tablo app comes

Has any one solved the problem of the url changing? Using the technique in the video I made above

I have to rebuild the app with a new url after a couple hours

I think what I need to do is set static ip or something

I already copied icon you made thanks for watching

Just send me a list. In Birmingham we also have Grit TV , Me TV , Get TV , Antenna TV , Comet TV , Bounce TV , This TV and PBS

The ones you have are the small you also need the large if you want you can send me a list and I’ll upload them to box and send you a link to download them.

Here is the link to the icons for Birmingham if you need others just let me know.


Just made my first channel app and it works great but you can not FF or REW

Ok Dave, surely by now you’ve updated this so that you can swipe up or down to change the channel, right? :wink:

Nah I’ll just wait til tablo app come out

Just saw this now and was trying it tonight. The problem I’m having is that once the tuners are changed the code post m3u8 changes and the url no longer works. Any way around this?