Help with temporary channels and recording

My Fox and NBC station are owned and broadcast from the same tower (channels 24.1 and 24.2).  A few weeks ago they had a serious problem with their transmitter and they have been unable to broadcast at full capacity.  Today I finally got an antenna mounted on my roof and I discovered that they are broadcasting on another frequency at a lower power but I can pick them up.  They are coming in on channels 51.1 and 51.2.  The TabloTV shows them with the correct station ID but there is no guide data for either channel. So I can’t set any shows to record.  I also can’t quite figure out how to set a manual recording for the shows coming up this week. 

I contacted the station and they hope to be back up and running at full capacity next weekend.

I’m wondering why the Tablo isn’t picking up the guide data for these 2 channels even though they are properly labeled with the station call letters.

@NapMan did you download the new guide data after adding those in??? Might want to do a manual download just to be sure?

I did refresh the guide data a few times. After I installed the antenna on the roof I got a couple more channels than before and the guide data downloaded for those. It’s just not ther for the 2 “temporary” channels.

BTW I did figure out how to set manual recordings.

@NapMan, then you probably should open a ticket so they can contact their guide data provider


The call sign is sent over with the content, it’s all a part of the same packet. The guide data is sent separately, but we can get this added for you. We just need the details - you can send them over (your Tablo’s MAC) using @Jestep’s link above.

I just submitted a support ticket.

I think they are hoping to have the main transmitter fixed sometime in the next week or two but I’m just getting tired of setting manual recordings.  

@NapMan I hear ya. We’ll get this fixed up ASAP so that everything flows through correctly.

I got notified that the main transmitter is back online but I can’t pick it up now. It’s only about 30 miles from me and I could get it using an indoor Leaf antenna before they had the failure.
But now, with a roof-mounted antenna I can’t get them but I can get the other stations which transmit from about 70 miles away on a 500 watt transmitter! I could not get the smaller transmitter with the Leaf antenna.

It doesn’t make any sense.