Help -- Tablo Affecting My Happy Wife and Happy Life




This has been suggested as something to look into. I tried disconnecting the power to my wireless printer, but no improvement. Our cheap Wyze security (dog monitoring) cams are WiFi, but they’re nowhere near the Tablo. Still a chance of interference?


My headphones were far away from the Tablo.

Edit: With that said, in my case it was a non WiFi network device that happened to use similar frequency for transmission. Shoot, even a microwave oven could produce a harmonic. I guess what I’m saying is that I’d surely examine any culprit that might not be an actual “network” device, yet claims some kind of “wireless” capability. Things like your phones (if you have them)… things like that.


I’ve pulled the plugs and will resume monitoring.


So new router, and errors still on both the Fire TV and Roku?

Have you tried replacing the Ethernet cable between the Tablo and router?


I’m only monitoring a Fire Stick. The Roku is in my pile of merchandise waiting to be returned, since it didn’t fair any better than the Fire Sticks. I tried a couple different Ethernet cables both between the Tablo and router and between the router and various Fire Sticks (though I’m now using the living room Fire Stick by WiFi).


Love the Wyze cameras!


Are you running any hue lighting or anything like that?


Well, sonofabitch. Before I disconnected the cameras, I got 4 errors in 15 minutes. I disconnected them at 7:42 and got all the way through the rest of Jeopardy flawlessly. I had even texted my wife to tell her I thought it was solved. And then it froze and threw the unknown error at 8:03.

The way it taunts me with good behavior at times, especially when I make a promising change, only to eventually crap out on me… just seems like insult to injury.


No, Phillips LEDs in most fixtures. We did install new LED dimmers in the dining room late last year, but those lights are rarely on. We don’t eat in there except on special occasions.


Last thing to try, is Surround Sound set to “ON” on your Tablo? I noticed a few errors on the Tablo app on my old Fire TV once I turned it on. Maybe try turning it off (under the global settings) and then rebooting the Tablo.


No, it’s disabled.


I think we’ve come to the point that a Vestal Virgin will have to be sacrificed…


I’ve been lurking on this thread for a while but felt I had to post to say you are one of the most patient people I’ve seen on these forums @BlueCalcite. Your detailed research and testing is admirable.

Seems like you have tried most everything. As much as I’d love for Tablo to work for you, if you are finding something that works, remember your time has value too and go with whatever works for your situation. No one can say you haven’t given this a fair shot and even more.


cordless phones?

I had a set that interfered horribly with my wifi. Can’t remember the brand. Got new ones. Problem gone.


No home phone. After disconnecting the two cameras, the only devices recognized by the router are the three Fire Sticks, the Brother printer, and my Galaxy S7. When my wife gets home from work, it’ll pick up her iPhone and iPad. I tried unplugging her fancy coffee maker last month after being informed that somebody had seen exactly that product cause problems, but it didn’t help. The microwave is the same microwave as when we had good Tablo functionality last year. I can’t think of anything else that’s changed. I’m stunned that so many things that changed around the time we started having problems have all turned out to have apparently nothing to do with it (leaves falling, purchase of the WiFi cameras, router firmware auto-update).


If I actually tried to estimate how much this has cost me, I’d start sobbing uncontrollably. So many unbilled hours at work (researching this instead), so much lost productivity at home. Getting nothing done at home during the winter is one thing, but this can’t continue with spring here and so much to get done.


I thought of two more things during last night’s tossing-and-turning-in-bed brainstorming session. I have a Vizio Sound Bar in the master bedroom that has bluetooth connectivity, though we don’t use that. I ordered it 6/30/18, so it pre-dates the onset of Tablo problems by several months. We also have three of those remote control outlet switches in the house – two in the bedroom to control an air purifier and my wife’s white noise machine, and one in the family room to control a hard-to-reach lamp. These also pre-date any problems with the Tablo, but it’s easy enough to pull the plug on all of them tonight to rule them out.

After that, I still need to try streaming direct from the Hauppauge tuner over the network via its own WinExtend software, and I want to try that tuner also through a Plex installation on my more powerful laptop. I might also give a new hard drive one more shot before calling it quits.

I confirmed that I do have a PCIe x1 slot on my Plex server PC. So I could technically give that a shot before resorting to spending $300-$400 on a used, more powerful box to dedicate to that. I’d prefer to upgrade the current one (so I’m not left with another unused PC in the house), and because I know this case accommodates my 4 hard drives well, but the new CPU would require a new motherboard, which would require new RAM. I quickly priced them out and I can’t buy those parts as cheaply as I can buy a used system that contains them.

Hauppauge cites the following for the quadHD tuner card:

Minimum processor: Core2Duo 2.93Ghz or faster
Note: If your PC is not fast enough, you might see jerky live TV video, but your TV recordings will be fine.

My server is Pentium Dual-Core E6500 2.93Ghz, so same operating frequency as the minimum requirement but a lower-class CPU. My guess is that I would not like the performance, especially if trying to record and/or stream two or more channels at once. Though, admittedly, I don’t have a good understanding of how much of that burden is taken on by the Fire Stick (as opposed to trying to watch directly on the server).


This is a long shot but what the heck. Since every other possible route between Tablo and streaming device has been examined, what about the final leg? Where the streaming device plugs into the TV? The HDMI port. Is it possible the error is occurring at a point where the Tablo app on the streaming device cannot output via the HDMI interface to the TV?


I tried different HDMI ports on at least a couple of the TVs early on in my troubleshooting.