Help Switching from Live to Recording

Here’s my scenario:

  • I want to watch a show on live TV, e.g., NCIS that starts at 7PM
  • At 6:55, I turn on TV.
  • Using the Roku Tablo App, I select the channel that will be showing NCIS. (At this point, it’s still showing the evening news.)
  • After seeing the last few minutes of the news, I begin watching NCIS
  • At 7:15, I decide I need to finish watching NCIS later, so I need to record it. I would like to record the entire episode.
  • I click the left arrow on the Roku remote, so I’ll be able to select Record.
  • The App thinks I’m still watching the news, even though it ended at 7:00.

How do I get the recording started? If I back up to the Guide, then select NCIS and Record, the recording will not include the first 15 minutes of the program.

Is there another way I should be doing this? Thanks for any help you can offer.

Drats, I don’t think it’s an option yet.
The recording starts at the current point in time, not the beginning of the episode.
This is definitely an attractive feature to have, though.

We want to be able to…

  1. Watch from the beginning of a Live TV channel. (We can do this one already.)
  2. Watch the same channel for a few minutes. (We can do this one already.)
  3. Manually enable recording of this channel from the beginning of the program. (This is the new part.)

Currently, manually enabling recording of a Live TV channel starts the recording at the current point in time, and not the beginning of the program.

This is something folks have requested in the past. Unfortunately there’s no way to capture video from BEFORE the channel was tuned, but we could capture video from when you did start watching.

Um, the channel is already tuned.
We can rewind back to the beginning of the program, so why not enable manual recording from the beginning of the program?

For example, I’m watching Big Bang Theory on Live TV, which starts at 8:00PM.
I watch until 8:15PM, and decide I want to record this episode from beginning to end to watch later.
Better yet, enable manual recording from any point already watched.
The Roku remote star button would be a nice use for that. :smile:

This is a feature on most cable DVRs. As you said, if we can rewind to the beginning and watch it again, why can’t it record that same video? There’s been several times when I was watching the news and saw something/someone I know and wanted to keep that for future viewing. If 1 of 2/4 tuners are available, it should be possible.

There seems to be a bit of confusion here…

We COULD implement a feature where you could record from the point where you started watching. We couldn’t implement a feature that would record from the beginning of the program UNLESS you were tuned to that channel.

So let’s say you join a show 5 minutes into the program. 15 minutes in, you decide you want record. We could go back 15 minutes and capture that video, but not to the very beginning of the program.

This is what we want.

Yep, that’s it. OP started watching the channel 5 minutes before his program started so it was already tuned to that channel. 15 minutes into the program, he decides he wants to record the whole program but Tablo currently starts recording at the point when he clicked ‘record’ instead of from the beginning of the program which IS in the buffer because he can rewind back to the beginning. I think that’s the gist anyway. And I second the suggestion!

Right! That’s what I was asking for. Since the early part of the episode is already in Tablo’s memory, I just want to be able to include the entire episode if I start the recording later in the episode. I had no idea it wasn’t available; just assumed I didn’t know how to do it. (Uverse and satellite recorders already do that.)

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TabloTV - yes that’s what we want…count this reply as another vote to add that great feature! Please add soon!!

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