Help needed operating two Tablos at once

My old Tablo quad with external hard drive has become undependable (several times a month it locks up and must be rebooted before I can access it through any of my devices.)
So I bought a QUAD OTA DVR.

But I still have shows on the old Tablo I want to watch.

Does this plan make sense?
I’ll hook up the new Table to my ethernet and antenna and install a new hard drive and use that set up to watch and record shows going forward.
When I want to watch the shows recorded on my old Tablo, I’ll switch the ethernet cable to the old Table and watch the old shows.

Will that work?

That should work, but it would be much more convenient to purchase an ethernet switch so that both devices could be used at anytime.

Why not just hook the new one up at the same time and give it a different name. All the legacy apps support multiple units. You just tell the app to switch units.

These are both interesting ideas I hadn’t thought about. Would it work to connect one box with ethernet and the other with WIFI?

Absolutely. I have that arrangement now, though it is with legacy and 4th gen. But I used to have two legacy systems with one on ethernet and one wi-fi.

Rename one or both of the Tablo’s. Tabloold and Tablonew for example making it easier to select which one to watch

Thanks for the advice guys! This will solve my problems.