Help me choose a device for playback

I currently have the first generation of chromecast. The chromecast seems to have issues with Tablo (google play, netflix, youtube, etc all play perfectly of this device. Issues have been pausing every 5 to 10 seconds, infinite buffering, stop playing after playing a few episodes, some other ones. I have done lots of troubleshooting (lowered the recording MB, changed the play back rate on the chromecast, restarted my network, connected my Tablo via Ethernet cable, disconnected devices that were on the wifi that I do not use anymore, etc) and I ready to give up on the chromecast.

What device would work the best to connect my TV to my Tablo. I like to use a cell phone and/or computer as my remote, no need for one. Any have used tested multiple devices to connect Tablo to the TV. Looking for advice.

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Looks like Android TV is a perfect match for you based on your preferences and usage history. Tablo works perfectly on Android TV and Android TV allows you to access all your Google apps or control from your phone if you want with Google Cast. I came from Chromecast and Roku and I am much happier with Android TV.

See this thread for more discussion on Android TV as a Tablo client and reviews of each Android TV device : Tablo Client Device Suggestions

Nexus Player or NVIDIA Shield for Android devices.

I like the Fire TV, but that’s if you have Amazon Prime. The FTV is technically Android based too.

Nexus Player is on sale at Best Buy for $50. Bought one today. Selling my Roku 3 tomorow and buying another.

I graduated from CHROMECAST to NEXUS player because I was having the same problems you describe. Couldn’t be happier. Others seem to share my experience. I have no interest in Amàzon so it suits my needs just dandy.


Thank you all for the suggestions/advice. I ended up buying a amazon fire stick without voice search on the remote. It basically came down to cost. I have not had any issues since changing. The amazon app for Tablo needs to be more user friendly.

Good luck with your dongle Dingle.

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Is this an X rated post ? :hushed:

Only for the evil minded :slight_smile:

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