HELP - Lost Recordings


I reset my Tablo this morning, I had about 1.5GB of recordings in a 2 GB drive. After the reset, the Tablo had to download the guide.
Now my HDD appears to be empty. Seems I’ve lost everything … although seems a stretch think that the data is really gone.

Anybody have any ideas.

I mostly connect from Roku, but do use iPad and Safari interface. Also, since the update, most days the Tablo has hung, hence why I’ve been reseting.


Perhaps it’s a dead hard drive, unrelated to the upgrade.  It’s a Linux ext3 filesystem I believe.  Attach it to a computer that can read ext3 and see what it looks like; e.g. is it readable.  I believe you can get software to read ext3 on Windows and Mac.   I’ve not used the following software.

@tomwilley It sounds like you may have done a factory reset. When you reset the Tablo, did you hold it down for 6+ seconds or so? If you’ve done a factory reset, it will wipe your Tablo’s database along with the disk it has connected.

@TabloSupport Yes, I been reading a bit more and I suspect that I have indeed carried out a factory reset.

Who’d have thought that doing a reset would blow away hours and hours of recordings … 1.5G. This is ridiculous. It’s not as if I reset the the HDD.

I can’t think of another device that cleans connected disks by doing a factory reset. Who came up with the architecture & design that did this? Maybe you guys should patent this as a feature. It’d be right up there with the Write Only Memory. 

So far, I’ve been a big fan of Tablo and being in the chips & software business, I have been accepting of Tablo’s “work in progress” but this makes you guys really look like amateurs. 

@tomwilley I’m sorry that you lost your recordings. When the Tablo’s DB is wiped, it makes the recordings held on the disk unusable. Because of the nature of OTA TV and our need to transcode it, the Tablo’s database corresponds directly with thousands of very short ‘segments’ that comprise an entire recording. 

Because of this process, if there’s no database, there’s no way to interpret the recordings on the disk. So, we wipe the disk at the same time that we wipe the Tablo’s database - otherwise it’s just using up space. Again, I’m sorry that you ran into this issue - we’ll take a look at making this more clear in the future.

@TabloSupport Why not keep the database on the HD along with the data? Then when you do a reset, you don’t wipe the HD. That is that what HDD guys do. Directory is on the disk.

@tomwilley - I like your suggestion.  If not the entire database, maybe enough data for Tablo to “recover” the recordings.

@tomwilley @mbellaire Yep, that’s something that we’re looking at!

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