Help implementing client

I’m trying to implement a Tablo client in node (why…if interested read below). I successfully get to the final api:session/connect request for a registered connection, but never receive a response. I haven’t been able to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

The documentation indicated the signature isn’t used. I’ve tried it with a dummy value and I believe one created correctly and yield the same results. I successfully get past the guest login and see the auth server hit. I’m not sure if any of the values in the messaging should be shared, so I haven’t posted here. I am happy to share on a PM (

Any suggestions on what might be wrong or where to look?

As for use case: I’ve been slowly building up a home automation system on a Raspberry PI. Key components are OpenHab with ZWave, Amazon Echos, Slack interface, eMail interface. I would like to expose scheduling information and actions on the various interfaces.

I solved my problem. After I performed a api:session/disconnect, I needed to shut down the websocket and start a new connection. The documentation, I thought, implied the same web socket could/should be used. Apparently not.

Hopefully, this will help somebody else.