Help! I rest my tablo and can't see my recording

So I get get up yesterday and I can not get any of my iPads iPhone or rukus to connect to my tablo so I I reset it about 3 times before I left for work came home same thing would not connect with tablo so this time I unplugged my usb hard drive and reset it and it worked but said no hard drive. So I plugged the hard drive back up same thing can not connect to tablo. So this time I unplugged the hard drive and held the blue button down and did the hard reset when everything said and done it worked but now the tablo see that the hard drive is almost full but don’t see my recording

If you held that button down, you probably did a factory reset and that would mean the recordings are gone. The drive probably needs a format.

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i did do a reset thats the only way i could get it to work but i didn’t have the hard drive hooked up when i did it and the tablo see that the drive is more than half way full and when i told it to record the tv show that was already on the drive some how it knows and only to set the ones i don’t have

It doesn’t matter that the hard drive wasn’t connected at the time. I don’t think there is a way to recover that.

Once you factory reset the Tablo via the little blue button it erases the database on the Tablo and all your recordings are lost.

Then the next issue is that the hard drive still has the recordings physically on it. To reclaim the space you must connect said HDD to a computer and format it to clear out all the space. Then connect it back to the Tablo to initialize the drive as a brand new drive. This way you will have all your space for future recordings.