HELP! Can't connect

I followed the directions to the letter, and my wifi doesn’t see the Tablo. WIFI is my only viable option. Any suggestions?

Which setup device are you using?

Your device should see the Tablo WiFi network. You can try power cycling the Tablo.

Tried it. My phone app saw it, but it wouldn’t connect. My Windows Surface III never saw it.

What is the name of the WiFi network? Tablo_XXXX?

Yep. I click on it, and it says I’ve connected to the Tablo_XXXX network. But then that’s it. I hit the “connect” button next and nothing happens. Just the spinning wheel of death.

Can you please try an iPad or a real computer?

I’ll try a real computer. It’ll take me a little bit, I’m in the middle of something else now. 15 minutes tops.

Nope, got nothing on either the computer or the Surface. ONly the phone does it show…Android.

Okay, progress. I think I’ve got it. I need to reformat my 500G hd, but if I’m at that stage, I should be good to go!

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