Help Antenna Man!

The Antenna Man puts out a lot of good information for cord cutters on You Tube and it seems that he is in some trouble and is asking for our help. Pls watch this video:

Cheers, Jim

Im going to go out on a limb here.

First, let me nitpick, he says “stepping on some big shoes” when the term I know is “stepping on some (big) toes” when you upset someone. But hey, proper language use is not relevant when one is stressed out, right?

More to the point, asking for more referrals and implying that that will give him more “ammo” or better backing to stand up to whatever he is standing up to or exposing, seems dubious. If he’s going to get involved in a legal fight, that’s not going to help him.

Not naming the party that he’s in dispute with, seems misguided to me. It’s more akin to FUD than being clear and upfront. Saying “I’m in a trademark dispute with company XYZ, but please refrain from taking action against this company until I have more clarity on our relative positions” seems to me that he might be on very shaky ground.

Also, if it has to do with logos and with his channel name, it’s more likely than not trademarks and intellectual property-related and he really should get a lawyer. There are some organizations that specializes in defending people like him against big companies, I could look up some names, but I’m sure so can he, or someone that’s really affiliated with his channel. I’ve never heard of him before, and from this one video, I doubt I’d be going to look for other videos of his. Unfortunately.

I have zero information about his legal issues.

The videos on his channel are aimed at people trying to get better OTA reception. He mainly does antenna reviews and related information. I have seen nothing controversial or improper in the other videos he posts.

He also tries to steer people away from scam antennas that are rampant on Amazon and other site. He really seems interested in providing useful information.