Hello all new to the forum and to the Tablo

Just wanted to say hello to all here for my first post.

I have several questions about this 2 tuner box I am bidding on from eBay, and I can say after reading this forum for the past few hours it looks like a great place with a great group of people who are very helpful.

Thanks again


Get a refurbished one for cheap instead of used eBay. $99 USD or $125 CAD.

Are you in Canada or US?

Thanks, but already got it… Still saved a lot…

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Hope it works.

I bought my original Tablo new, still going strong after 3 years. I bought a 2nd one from eBay, the Ethernet port didn’t work, only WiFi. I had the buyer send me another one, that one worked fine. So it’s hit or miss.

Well… It’s supposed to be a mint unit, so fingers crossed that it will be…

Welcome @Michael_MCATEE

In case someone stumbles upon this thread in the future, we always recommend purchasing used Tablo devices either from someone you trust or directly from us.

The benefits of purchasing a refurbished Tablo directly are:

  • It comes with a 30 day trial of our guide data subscription
  • It is thoroughly checked over at Tablo HQ to ensure all parts are in working order
  • It comes with a 1 year warranty so if anything does happen to go wrong, we’ll work with you to replace the unit

Hope yours is A-OK and you enjoy your Tablo experience!

+1 for the Tablo refurbs. I own one, and it’s been working great!

I’ll know soon enough… It’s on its way now…