Heat does it kill a Tablo

I have a Dual tuner 64KB Tablo and wonder about heat and if it might cause the unit to decline.

I have the Tablo and all my electronics zip tied to a pegboard and have the pegboard mounted on the wall. I slowly begin to lose stations to the point I could only pick up one primary and three substations, I started with twenty. Nothing worked finally did a factory reset and still no change.

I found the heat was too much for my Surfboard router and mounted a fan under it to blow air through it and that solved its issues.

I replaced the Tablo and with the replacement, I’m back to twenty stations. I’m wondering if heat caused the Tablo to decline and if placing a fan under this new Tablo like the Surfboard will provide insurance against decline or might it have been something

Any ideas or feedback

There have been many posts about high temperatures possibly affecting Tablos. The official response from Tablo has been that their unit are designed to operate without the need for additional air circulation.

My personal experience is that shortly after my initial purchase, my unit seemed to lock up at times. My Tablo was sitting on a wooden entertainment center behind my 65" LCD flat panel. This made for an enclosed area with little to no air circulation. I purchased a laptop cooling pad and set my Tablo on top of it and plugged the USB power cable from the cooling pad into the Tablo. That additional cooling solved all of the problems I was having and has been running continuously for the past 7 years.

Fact: Heat ages electronic devices.
Some things decline slower than others, but in the end if, nothing gets zapped, heat will eventually degrade electronics till they quit working.

In my case, my 4-tuner Tablo ran hot. I stood it up on its side, put some rubber feet on the side and that’s the way it’s been running since 2016-17.

Electronic devices can stand more heat then people but if you think of them the way you think about a persons comfort you will be well withing their acceptable temperature range. Most devices will come with a fan if it’s needed. Generally speaking don’t operate a device in an area that is too hot for people and make sure the device has room to “breathe”. A small closet wouldn’t be comfortable for you in the summer because of your body heat and poor circulation. A closet like that might require a fan or ventilation. You said you have the devices on a pegboard. If you are concerned give them a bit more breathing room with some feet(lifting them off the pegboard) to keep natural air flow from convection going around the entire device and leave a few inches between each device.