HD Streaming Jerky with Roku 3

Streaming HD channel via the Roku 3 is jerky when movement is left to right/right to left.  Extremely noticeable when watching sporting events.  Not an issue when viewing on laptop (Tablo live TV).

Do you notice the audio being lower pitched than normal?  Sometimes the Roku 3 will slow down and cause these behaviors.  Try to reset your Roku and see if it goes away.   

@dhite What recording quality is your Tablo using? Does this appear to be specific to Roku 3 playback? Or can you reproduce it elsewhere? The web app, for example?


Check out my 30 frames per second thread.

What I experienced is that when viewing sports the frames didn’t update as fast as the original signal and it was like watching the game while blinking really fast.   I didn’t notice it as much when on a laptop because the screen was smaller.  Most people don’t notice it,  but it drove me nuts.


@jbanks25 I have noticed a lower than normal pitch in the audio at various times.  Reset the Roku as you suggested.  Resolved both the audio and jerky video issues.  Although my Roku had reset itself previously for some unknown reason, it took pulling power from the unit to cure the problem.  Thanks.

@TabloSupport my Tablo recording quality is set to 720P.  The problem seems to be specific to the Roku 3’s streaming of live channels transmitting in 1080P. I have not noticed it using the web or Android app.

@MattMan13 since resetting the Roku 3 corrected the issue, I suspect the problem resides in the Roku 3 or some glitch in its handling of the Tablo channel/firmware???  Appreciate your insight. 

@dhite The slowdown has happened to me while watching Netflix as well, so I’m pretty sure this isn’t a Tablo problem.