HD Signal troubles

I bought a Mohu Leaf antenna a couple of months ago in anticipation of cutting the cord.  I just wanted to see what I could get.  I found a good location in my home office that let me get all the major networks.

When I got my 4-tuner Tablo yesterday I just plugged it in to the antenna that was already in place.  I checked every channel’s live stream and they all came in crystal clear.

Tonight I got the crazy idea to try to move the antenna to see if I could get more channels.  I couldn’t so I put it back in the same spot.  All (6) channels I get show 5 green dots on the channel setup screen.  But two of them (Fox & NBC  – both owned here by the same station) just keep breaking up and cutting out badly.  I have tried moving the antenna around and they do not get any better.

Obviously this is extremely frustrating.  I don’t understand what happened.  I am using the powered amplifier that came with the Leaf as well.
All the other 4 stations come in perfectly.

FHY my Tablo is wired into my router and I tried watching on my iPad and MacBook Pro, both wirelessly.

Maybe it’s atmospheric or the stations are having issues since they are both owned by the same company here and they are showing full strength on the signal indicator.

Did u try rescanning just for grins? The physical address of the channel is the physical address so if Tablo knows that I’d one would think it would try and tune it… Maybe they do something differently?

U may also try building an attic antenna… If u want to try and get more stations. If your interested @ mention me in your response and I’ll pass along a thread to get you started. Its easy, cheap, costs about $20 and is better than most antennas on the market.

I rescanned multiple times.  If I remember correctly when I initially set it up those channels did not show 5 green dots.  I think they were orange and only 3 or 4 dots but they did come in perfectly.  I even recorded a show Monday night on the Fox station and it played back flawlessly.  Now that station shows 5 green dots and the picture is terrible.

This morning I tried it again and the Fox station will not even start playing on my MacBook or my iPad.  I just get a black screen with the spinning gear thing in the center.

The other station (NBC) is still the same as last night (just keeps breaking up and stuttering).

I don’t know about installing an attic antenna.  I’m not much of a “handyman”.

I’m starting to think something other than my antenna is the problem.  I looked up my location on TVFool and the Fox network that I’m having the most trouble with is by far the best signal shown on the chart.  Strangely I can’t find the other station (NBC) on there.  It should be 24-2 but it’s missing.

I’ve noticed that my TabloTV seems to be pretty hot.  I don’t have anything blocking the ventilation vents or anything.

Here is my TVFool chart:


KFTA-DT is one of the ones I am having trouble with (shown as 27 on the map).  The one that’s missing is KNWA-DT, which in my area is 24-2.  There is a KNWA-DT shown as 51.1 but that’s the station in another market.

Ok, something else strange is happening.  Once, last night, when I tried to watch one of the 2 bad channels on my MacBook, before the stream started I got a disconnection error and noticed that the Tablo had rebooted.

This morning I attempted to watch it again remotely from my iPhone and when it started buffering I got the disconnected message again.  I don’t know for sure but I think the Tablo might have rebooted again.

Could there possibly be something going on with the Tablo that would cause some strong stations to not stream properly but others to stream just fine?

Not sure if this will help. I have the Mohu Sky that came with an amp. I had it installed downstairs then moved it upstairs. Did a scan and had issues too.

I removed the amp and re scanned and got about 69 channels to select from…all strong as heck (except CBS which is always an issue in Chicago land).


Can you confirm if the Tablo 4 tuner has an antenna amp built in?

Reason I ask is I read some where that running two amps ( the Tablo would be the second if it has one ) can cause problems with reception.

Currently I am running a Mohu Leaf 50 with the jolt amp.

I canot confirm the built in amp, but I can tell you that I am running an amp between my attic mounted DIY antenna and the tablo.  I get outstanding signal on all channels in my area (66 or so miles or so from Chicago) including CBS (WBBM-DT) 2-1

I am using the following amp:

Ok, I have an update.  Yesterday I decided to contact the station to make sure they weren’t the cause of the problem.
I got an e-mail from the Chief Engineer saying that they had made some changes and to check again.  I checked and the problem was still there so I let him know.

Then he asked me if it was happening on both their channels or just one.  I told him it was happening on both.  I never heard back from him but a little later I checked again (remotely) and both stations were streaming just fine.  I didn’t change anything or move my antenna so I am going to assume it was something on the station’s end.  I did write him back to tell him it started working and wondered if he had done something but no answer yet.

So, for now, my problem seems to be solved.

Well, I just got another message from the engineer.  He said a card that connects to their transmitter went bad.  They fixed it and everything returned to normal.

I’m quite relieved.

@guck11 The Tablo is using an internal splitter in order to give you more outputs, to compensate for this, there’s an amplifier built into the splitter. If you choose to add an additional amplifier to your antenna, you’re entirely free to do that - your results will just vary depending on the quality of the amplifier. For example, after speaking to our engineers, they highly recommend the Channel Master Titan - it produces an even, balanced and good quality amp. signal. If you use something lower quality, your results will reflect that.

I am currently using a Mohu Leaf 50 with the 15db Jolt amplifier.  Can you verify with them if this highly recommended antenna and amp is ok to use in conjunction with the built-in amp?


@guck11 I can confirm this - the Mohu Leaf series is great quality, and very popular among our customers. Enjoy!

I looked for another thread to post, but this one seems to be the best fit.

I am a new user and have a question on signal strength. I have been trying different spots to get the best service over all. One thing I noticed that I can not explain is: I have one of my TV’s connected to a $35 antenna in the upstairs bedroom. It has a signal strength meter built in. I looked at all the channels and all are “Very Good” on a three section scale (Bad,Good,Very Good). When I connect it to my Tablo (4-Tuner) I get poor on one channel, CBS. I know CBS here in Chicago is tough to get but how can it be clear as a bell with a strong signal using a TV that is about 5-6 years old but using a brand new Tablo it can’t receive the channel?

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