HD Notification

Is there a possibility to add HD to the guide, prime time, movies, tv shows as to which programs are actually in HD.

I use www.titantv.com as my online guide and information on all shows - and I prefer that method.

Thanks sodaman,
Trying to keep it simple. As I look at the live guide, I’d like to know if it’s in HD, or when I’m in the movies section, an HD in the upper left corner or somewhere that indicates its in HD. Same with TV Shows. I don’t want to have to go somewhere else to look it up. Thanks tho…

Tablo Support? Feature request?

I believe that Tablo has very little to do with the EPG. They buy it from someone else, but maybe they can ask the supplier to improve the info in the guide. That would be nice.

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I only add 720p or 1080i channels on my Tablo, almost all the programs aired are HD.

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Yes but that’s Canada that doesn’t have many sub-channels. 80% of the channels in the US are SD as sub-channels. An example where ambiguity sets in - one can get Seinfeld in HD on one channel and Seinfeld in SD on another. Since I had on DVD all Seinfeld seasons (4:3), I was interested in recording only the HD Seinfeld feeds (16:9 1080) to add to my library.

Another example: one station had a great old movie in SD (Charles Bronson “Hard Times”). A few months later I noticed a different station was showing the same film in HD. I recorded both and replaced the earlier SD one with the HD recording in my library.

BTW Carey Price is da man!!!

Actually, Nuvyyo controls the way the information is presented. So it’s really up to them.

Other than the channel being 720p / 1080i or 480p, does the guide data actually tell you the show is HD or SD?

There are many times an HD station will show a movie in SD. It would be nice to know. Directv provides this info in their guide…figured it can’t be that difficult to implement thus a suggested feature. Still waiting to hear what tablo support has to say…

Yes. A guide such as Titan tells you if a specific show is in HD. Both Amazon and Vudu indicate whether a film is HD or SD in their menus.

PSIP and EPG metadata transmitted by a broadcaster over the air contains stream header information that includes format and resolution.