HD Failed and I got a new one - now not recognized but plays Live TV

Hi there! I’m a Mac OS10 user. Purchased a Tablo a couple of months ago, and all was working fine - had a cheapo small HD setup just to get it working, and I was going to buy a more reliable and larger one when I stopped traveling here last week, but before I could get around to it, I had probably a couple week’s of recordings of the local news that I had not had a chance to watch and delete (I was able to before this), after the WS game Sunday night, I was watching on my Apple TV app, it paused and stopped playing, and when I went downstairs to the unit, it was hot, and it seemed like the drive had failed and my Roku downstairs lost internet connection.

I unplugged everything and let it cool, but it still would not find the Tablo upon rescanning. I took the cheapo drive to my computer, tried to repair it, but no dice, so I knew that was probably the issue.

I unplugged power and everything, and left it until last night when I could go buy a HD. Bought one of the recommended WD Elements line 1TB drive, went to hook it up, and although Tablo works with LIVE TV, in the settings, there is NO name where the HD would be, and when I go to watch or schedule recordings, it tells me no HD is set up.

Same on the app on my iPhone, yet I am watching LIVE TV no problems, just cannot record.

I’ve tried the HD on both USB ports.

I also tried the blue reset button (which didn’t seemed to do anything) on the back of the Tablo unit.

The cheapo HD was sitting on top of the Tablo which was on top of my modem, but now I have it all separated.

I was watching tv most of Sunday, so I don’t know if it overheated, but it seems as if the Tablo unit is not recognizing the HD now, but how can I be watching Live TV on not only my Apple TV but both of my Rokus on other tvs.

I’ve tried to update the firmware, but it says it’s updated.

What am I missing?

Thank you!


I would try power cycling the Tablo again. However, if the new HDD works in a computer, and when you connect it to either USB port on the Tablo and it doesn’t work the Tablo might be damaged secondary to overheating. I only suggest this because if you had a modem which generates heat below it and then another drive on top of it that generates heat, there is really no way for it to passive cool properly.

Without an HDD connected to the Tablo you can always watch Live TV on one channel only. The Tablo does have some internal storage.

@MomsL8 - Please pop a note over to our support team so we can check things out for you: http://bit.ly/TabloTVHelp

Thank you, Tablo Support, for helping to solve this problem. Just spent about an hour on the phone rebooting, restarting and reformatting the new drive. Not sure what happened, but the issue is completely fixed now, and I can record and tune with no issues. This was a difficult problem to solve and didn’t respond to typical help…I encourage anyone who is not able to enact the solutions the community suggests to call Tablo and work with them. I really have had good service with them, and this unit has helped me save money on unnecessary cable bills.

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