HBO Now April launch confirmed, exclusive to Apple TV (for now, anyway)

Good for Apple. I did not want HBO anyway.

What?!!! LOL

"he company is also working with Apple to make Apple TV one of the launch partners for the service, the sources said."

The service will likely be available on other platforms as well, but “Apple has been most aggressive in courting HBO in a bid to add the service to Apple TV,”

You scared me when you said exclusive to Apple

lol @Jestep - edited the title to be less shocking :slight_smile:

I kind of needed the HBO service. Gotta keep my honey happy with her Game of Thrown’s. Since I have the Roku…not sure what to do. Kind of messed up that HBO did that, but on the flip side I guess I get it. Heard Tivo was discussing with HBO as well.

I read exclusive to Apple “At Launch” which I take as it will not be available on any other platform for a given period of time. That way Apple can unload all their old Apple TV’s before a new one comes out.

@napercort it is NOT exclusive. Just launching with them…

The way I look at it, until such time as other platforms are announced, it’s an Apple TV exclusive.  Yeah, you can also view it on a computer (and presumably stream via Chromecast) but still.

PS3/4/Xbox360/One/FireTV/Roku or GTFO.

Ya… I know, but momma likes her throwns. Apple is lowering the cost to $69, does Tablo work with Apple TV? I like the Roku, but in a pinch I could install an Apple TV, then after Roku picks up HBO, give the Apple to my daughter…

this is kind of a bummer…

Three months after HBO Now launches in April, other digital distributors will be able to sell the product too. It’s likely that Apple will have deals with platforms like Amazon, which has already has a deep relationship with the programmer, as well as device-makers like Roku.”

Ten bucks says that Amazon gets a ShowTime exclusive deal when it launches later this year. 

Check with your ISP. I have Internet with Comcast with local tv, streampix and HBO. I don’t use their SD cable box just my tablo for locals. I did it to get HBO they also offered me showtime for $10/mo.

The price was the same as Internet only so it made sense to get the deal.

I checked last week and AT&T is offering a similar package but with HBO, Amazon prime, local and Internet.

I got an Apple TV just for this purpose.  I have to watch GoT as it happens.  

The Apple TV will stay in the box until GoT starts and I will sell it after the season (unless there’s a Tablo app for it by then).

@Frank00 lol, I don’t think we will ever see integrated apps like that into Tablo… And if they even think about doing it my guess is that would be WAY far out

Don’t buy the $69 Apple TV. They have cut the price to clear out inventory in advance of the new Apple TV coming out in late summer/early fall. It will have a faster processor, more memory and more storage. The original Apple TV hasn’t changed much in the last 2-3 years. If you want to save $30, buy it now - but if you have to have the latest and greatest, I’d wait. Always be aware of this scenario when Apple cuts prices. I’m saving my money for the $10,000 gold Apple Watch. :wink:

I saw multiple places that this was only exclusive to Apple for the first 90 days, then it will be available to everyone.

SlingTV has HBO as of TODAY for all devices that SlingTV works on

@Beastman, that is correct, but a lot of do not care to pay $20 for SlingTV and then another $15 for HBO.  I was just stating that those of us who don’t have Apple products or Sling TV will be able to get HBO  in the near future.

I do not pay for the HBO on sling but do pay Sling plus Hollywood addon