Having Trouble with Tablo - No Titles Showing, Will Not Load Live TV, and Other

We are having trouble with our Tablo, and I thought I would see if anyone has had similar trouble and was able to fix it. About two days ago, I first noticed that when I went to TV shows on the Guide, it said no data to display (or something like that). Under Movies, there were movies showing but they looked to be the same as they were when I had viewed them a few days ago. I tried to refresh them, but they would not. Live TV seemed to show some of the show titles however. The next day, I tried the Tablo again. This time, it did not find it. There was a message that said something like to go to the website and make sure it was up to date. However, when I went to the website, it still did not find the Tablo. I tried resetting it (pressing the reset button once) but this did not help. Then I tried unplugging the hard drive and unplugging the Tablo, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in. This still did not help. When I access the Tablo on our computer, under PrimeTime, it just shows a white page. Under Live TV, it does not show any names of shows and it has a blue spinning circle in the top right of the screen. Under Movies, TV Shows, and Sports, it just shows a white screen. We are using a Roku.

Did you try a hard reboot of router, Roku, Tablo?

When I have had trouble in the past and sent an email and/or chat message to Tablo, they have said to try either pressing the reset button or unplugging the Tablo for 30 seconds. I tried both and no help. Do you mean something else besides this by “hard reboot”? I figured next I would try unplugging the Tablo, Roku, router, and modem and having all of the reset and see if that helps.

That’s what he meant.

@oneway7 Hm, that’s some odd behaviour. I recommend getting in touch with our support team through a ticket. We’ll be able to check out your Tablo from our end to see what’s going on.