Having Trouble Tuning Channel? Read this blog!

We generally don’t cross-post blogs on the forum, but we felt this one would be helpful for folks to see:

This post covers some of the more technical aspects of Over-the-Air reception including signal-to-noise ratio, the digital cliff effect, tuner overdriving, and signal interference.

Some of these topics have been covered in thread comments in the past both from @TabloSupport and @TabloTV as well as some of the OTA reception gurus on the forum but this post goes into extensive detail and will be very helpful for those troubleshooting reception-related issues.

So, if you’re wondering why you can see a station on your TV but not on your Tablo, why a station isn’t always clear, why you’re seeing pixelation, experiencing failed or segmented recordings or looping of video segments on Roku but you swear that your reception is great, you should definitely read this blog.