Having to reset box constantly for video replay

Anyone else having to constantly power cycle their Tablo?

It gets where 1 or 2 channels will constantly replay about 5 seconds of the same footage over and over. The only way to get it to stop is to power it off and on again.

I have checked and it is at the latest software patch, no patches waiting to install.

I would wager you a pint that you have weak signal strength on those two channels.

i would take that wager. I never had had any signal issues with those 2 channels, they are actually the strongest ones i have (NBC and ABC). and as soon as i power cycle, it works fine, for about a week or 2. I was fine with it for 7-8 months but has been really bad the past 2-3 months

guess i should add, i use Roku 3’s to view

Send the support team a ticket and they will get this up and running for you.

how do you do that?

Do a search for “support” and go to the link.



yeah, opened up ticket, support didnt do anything, didnt tell me anything i didnt already know.

guess i will just have to live with this

so yeah, apparently i see other people having similar issues to this. Makes me think it is some software issue. Can we roll back updates to a version that works?

We’ve seen this issue with the Roku player. If the Tablo stops receiving segments of video from the antenna (if the antenna’s reception temporarily plummets, etc), the Roku player will loop the last few segments it received instead of waiting or exiting the player as it should.

We’ve confirmed this bug, and Roku is aware of it. This isn’t a new behaviour, and is unaffected by Tablo firmware updates. If you like, we can try a different firmware version for your Tablo, but it won’t change this behaviour… sorry! :frowning:

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