Having issue connecting to my Tablo

Hello. I am a new Tablo user. I just got my first tablo. My Tablo is connected to my network via ethernet. My android tablet and phone are connected via my home wireless. My home wireless and my wired ethernet are on 2 different network. When I launch the Tablo app on my phone and tablet its sees my Tablo device. But it cant connect to it. I added the 3 port forward on on my router and still not working. I cant connect to the Tablo device via web, from the outside, and from my wireless. However, if I wired my tablet to my wired network I can connect to it. So for some reason, my android devices cannot connect to the Tablo from a diff network. By the way, I am on a Tablo 30 day trial…Please help…

I’ve only seen non-remote connect client devices work when on the same sub-net as the tablo.

I really don’t know why local LAN WIFI would be sand boxed onto a different net. At first I thought maybe it was because of security. But there is so much sniffer, cracker, and spoofer software available most script kiddies can hack a WIFI network.

Why do you have two different networks? Is your wireless network an isolated AP?

The wired and wireless network should be one, same subnet. This is the normal networking setup.

I dont use the wireless router provided by my isp. Its old tech. I have a separate ac wireless that i use. Unfortunately. It does not support ap mode.

@lclim68 Is your Tablo plugged into the router from your isp or ypur AC wireless router?