Have to reboot every morning

I’ve​ only had my tablo for a week. Every morning I go to tune to a channel and after about ten seconds it either says something like the tablo is in limited mode and some features aren’t available or it can’t play this channel now. I have to unplug the tablo and reboot for it to work. Any ideas what the problem is? I’m on the latest firmware and using a WD 4tb hard drive.

Update. I was watching a channel after rebooting and then went to switch to another channel. Got this message: player error. Server is in limited mode and some operations are disabled during this process. The server can be in limited mode while doing database maintenance or while doing a software update.

This is so frustrating. Any help is appreciated.

It could be time to file a ticket. Tablo support is pretty good at resolving issues (at least they have been for me). I know it is frustrating, but, once the issue is resolved, you will really enjoy your Tablo. Ours has been running for 18 months without a single issue.

I went ahead and did a factory reset. So far so good so hopefully that corrected the issue.

Please let us know if you run into anything else. Our support team received your ticket, and should be in touch.

Thank you. So far so good. I did receive an email from support. If it happens again I will be in touch.

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