Have an HDHomeRun and either Sony Android Smart TV or NVIDIA SHIELD?


Hi Everyone -

We’re looking for some folks to give us a hand with an upcoming ‘secret’ project.

In order to participate, you must have an HDHomeRun CONNECT or EXTEND networked OTA tuner and one (or more) of the following:

  • A Smart TV that runs Android TV (these are mostly Sony brand)
  • An NVIDIA SHIELD streaming device

If that’s gear that exists in your home right now (even if the tuner isn’t hooked up) comment with ‘interested’ below and I can send you a direct message with an overview of what we have in mind.












I’m interested, but don’t have ANY of that equipment :slight_smile:


You might want to indicate what the minimum software versions should be. Many people don’t automatically pick up the newest/current hdhomerun releases.

The newer xbr sony’s almost all have android. But some models just 2 years old use linux. And since I use Roku/fire TV stick there have been a ton of OS versions that haven’t been applied.

Of course when I ask the wife if she would give up nvidia shield/hdhomerun and plex for this test her sanitized response was: molon labe