Has Tablo explained why they can't make the pre-2.2.2 firmware available?

Tablo Support has come out and said they don’t know why 2.2.2 is breaking core functionality for so many people, and (spoiler alert) 2.2.5 is even worse. 2.2.2 is broken is such obvious ways that it is hard to believe that they tested it at all.

Why can’t they just push out the older firmware (whatever I was using over the summer) that worked 90% of the time?

In a similar industry, Android smart phones, you can do a Factory Reset whenever you want to revert to the original version of the firmware that came with the phone and use that. I don’t see why the Tablo should be any different.

While I disagree about 2.2.3 (last beta prior to 2.2.2), I DO agree about 2.2.5. They added this guide that is useless because THEY INSIST on pictures and it takes MUCH to long to generate and I will NOT test that feature again until I have a Roku 4. 2.2.5 also takes MUCH longer to connect to the Roku and takes longer to even display the guide when you go to live TV. Yes, I know the mission is to avoid changes made to the program schedule, but @TabloTV - instead of checking every time (what it appears you are doing), just check the guide for the day prior (in other words, THE FIRST TIME you go to live TV on Friday, check it for Saturday. No need to check it the second and third, etc time you go to live TV. Is there SOME WAY that the guide could be stored on the SD card or even on the hard drive connected to the Tablo? It can’t be that big except for those that have 60+ channels on their Tablo.

@jeff If you haven’t already, please send our support team a ticket. We can work with you to see if we can roll you back - the trouble with this is that since 2.2.2 is on a new kernel, moving backwards (and then assuming you upgrade again later) you could run into issues later down the road. Of course, we’d rather avoid this.

@beastman I understand that you’re having issues, but please note that 2.2.5 didn’t actually change anything you’ve noted above. None of the guide loading functionality via Roku (or anything) was updated in 2.2.2. If you feel that this is too much of a coincidence, feel free to send us a ticket and we will investigate (as we often are, while monitoring forum feedback).

@TabloSupport The guide loading in general is slower in 2.2.5 than it was in 2.2.3. SOMETHING changed. I will admit that somewhere in there I finally connected the 5 TB disk. Maybe I didn’t notice the Guide selection on the left side during the beta and never tried it.

I seem to watch the LIVE TV more directly on the TV than the Tablo anyway, and watching recordings is ok.

It’s kind of difficult with the limited hours. I was off today, but had a doctors appointment and just recently got home. If you’re still there, I am home.

Your message was left after phone support already closed. Thanks for the message, but due to support hours and work hours the next available day will be 2 weeks from today when I’m off on Friday again. I would still like to see at least a 4 hour tech support phone window on Saturday from 8 - 12 Eastern, which is 7 - 11 Central.

I ordered a new hard drive. I suspect my current one is not compatible w/ the new kernel or associated changes, or maybe it randomly started to go bad around the time I updated to 2.2.2. Support read my logs and said that it was disconnecting a lot.

I overnighted it from Amazon. Hopefully I’ll be back in my Tablo’s good graces in time for football on Sunday.


What is the make and model of your old HDD?

It’s a Western Digital 500GB 3.5" HDD (WD5000AAKS) plugged into a “Sabrent USB 3.0 to SATA External Hard Drive Docking Station for 2.5 or 3.5in HDD”.

For sport, I’m going to plug it into my laptop and see if I can copy all the data off of it.

And yes I’m aware it doesn’t meet the suggested guidelines for a Tablo-friendly drive, but it’s been working fine with the Tablo for the last ten months (the pre-2.2.2 era).

No I was going to ask if you could update the firmware on it?