Has alphabetization changed in TabloTV for Roku?

Recently in the Preview version of the TabloTV app for Roku, programs with numbers in the title (like 60 Minutes and 48 Hours) have been showing up at the bottom of the page. These same programs are still at the top of the display in the Roku “classic” Tablo app’s Title (A-Z) sort, as well as the Chrome browser displays. Will this new style of alphabetization be a permanent change? I prefer the earlier method of alphabetization since it is traditional and it allows me to name manually scheduled programs with a leading number so that the program names will float to the top of the Recordings display for easy spotting.

We’ll be moving to this alphabetization structure across all apps moving forward. Maybe switch out the numbers for ‘AA’ for your manual recordings?

Good idea.

Interesting. I haven’t seen that method of alphabetization in the Windows world. Why the switch? Is it a Linux style or from somewhere else?

It was an internal decision as we work to ensure consistency across our platforms.

I understand consistently but why this and not like it used to be?

The bigger question is why do it differently than every other platform on the planet.

Maybe that statement is a bit of stretch but you would have to agree that sorting with things starting with numbers at the top is vastly more prevalent and seems to make more sense.

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Nope it’s definitely not Linux.

In fact I would be hard pressed to even think of any O/S or program I’ve used that has put the files / items starting with numbers at the bottom of the list.

I bet it’s a Canadian thing, eh… :grinning:

I wish it was.

I’m Canadian however and nope, it’s definitely not a Canadian thing.

Apparently just a Tablo thing.

Makes absolutely no sense however.