Hardware tablo & roku, no internet

Ok, why does this seem so hard. I had my tablo setup and working off wireless from my router and hooked to my cable box. But I have sold my house and now I’m at a place where cable does not reach. So I thought why not buy a small switch to hook up roku and tablo and run it that way. Apparently one can’t do that lol. If tablo is for OTA recording then it should NOT need Internet. Roku can’t see the tablo even though they are on the same network/switch, why? I even have troubles connecting to tablo with my iPhone 6s Plus. Am I missing something? Ii do not have a pc setup either.

The Tablo definitely requires an internet connection, as stated in all the documentation.

All the web apps (like the one on your phone) connect to a Tablo by going out to my.tablotv.com first.

While the Roku Tablo app can work without an internet connection, it likely is failing because you don’t have a router assigning DHCP addresses to your devices. Neither device can generate a static IP address. So if you used a cheap router instead of a switch, you might be able to use your Tablo-Roku combo and rely on manual recordings. However, the Tablo bases its clock on the internet, so it likely would not be a dependable long term solution.

There are inexpensive ($120) PVRs that do not require the Internet. They use the guide information sent by each channel OTA. Not a lot of functionality to these boxes but they do exist for the simple function of recording OTA with limited scheduling.

Thanks guys, make sense if they don’t provide their own IP, didn’t think of that. I guess I just have to go back to hotspoting my iPhone lol