Hardware differences between tablos

I was wondering what the hardware differences are between the old 4 tuner tablo and new model.
I have an original 4 tuner tablo which I have had for close to 7 years now. For the most part it has worked very well over the years and it is much more stable now than in the early years thanks to the firmware updates. Everything seems to work well. I’ve had one external HD die, which I replaced, but the tablo itself has been solid.

I was just curious if there is anything to be gained by going to the newer 4 tuner tablo? If there is newer hardware with better performance? I have no reason to upgrade, I figured I could hang on another 5 years if possible and wait for ATSC3.0 before getting a new one. Just wondering if there would be anything to gain by getting the newer style Tablo on sale now?

More RAM? Better processor? Better/more sensitive tuners?


Here is an announcement from when the new Quad was launched. It explains the differences…

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Thanks for the reply.
From what I can tell only changes were upgrade of Wi-Fi to 802.11ac from 802.11n, and a slot for an internal hard drive.
No mention of actual RAM, processor, or tuners.

Seems like not worth an upgrade. I can’t believe the new versions have been out since 2019. Time flies. :slight_smile:

Engineers probably deem those details “unnecessary and confusing” for us, the unwashed masses. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you have some issues that you hope to resolve with the newer hardware, probably wise to jsut keep your dinero in your pocket. :slight_smile:

ATSC3 is going to bring changes to the industry and I’m not even sure Tablo is going to ride the wave. (no offense, guys. I have been known to be very wrong in my predictions.)

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I believe the network connectivity has also been upgraded to gigabit.

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Search the forums or edit announcements, I believe the have different turners. (not saying “better” but different)

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