Hard Drives and formating

I got my new Tablo last week, had an old HD sitting around and got it working with little issue. I wanted to get a bigger HD set up before getting too much recordings going. I went out and got a Seagate Plus Slim 2tb STDR2000100. Having looked through the forums here I found this should be a compatible drive. However nothing I’ve done will have the Tablo recognize this drive being plugged in. I’ve also tried an older WD Elements 2TB drive to no avail. I’ve done a full factory reset on the Tablo thinking I could go back through the entire set up to hopefully spark something. Now however after doing a factory reset in never gets to the screen to request a hard drive to be plugged in. The first time it did, and that’s where it requested for the FORMAT request. I’ve factory reset the Tablo twice now and that formatting screen or option never returns. I was able to plug the old drive in and it would at least recognize the old drive, however I still have no ability to format that drive. This seems like a grossly lacking ability. I took the original drive, formatted it on my computer, put it back into the tablo, and now the tablo will not recognize it being connected.
It really feels like the tablo is looking for something that it can no longer find on the original drive that was set up. Honestly this should not be anywhere near this difficult an issue. There should also be a significantly better grouping of resources here on the Tablo site regarding some of this. This forum is not terribly great for searching, and I quite honestly find myself back inside the same old tired thread of answers leading me nowhere. Any help from Tablo or the community would be greatly appreciated. If I can’t get this sorted out quick I’ll have to return the Tablo before the return date expires.

So the new Seagate drive spools up properly when connected to a computer?

Can you try the Seagate drive on the 2nd (aka other) USB port on the Tablo?

Last, what exact steps did you use to factory reset your Tablo?

I’ve recently been through a similar situation. Installed the Tablo, broke the original drive and had to replace it, and the Tablo would not recognize any other drive. I opened a trouble ticket, and the Tablo tech accessed the unit remotely, finding that the Tablo could see the drive but would not mount it, even when forced. Tablo is replacing the unit.
So - make sure you’ve opened the trouble ticket with Tablo support - they will get back to you within a day or two to set up remote access.
BTW, Tablo Support - how do you feel about publishing the method of putting the unit into remote access mode, so that when all of us working stiffs head to work we can leave the unit ready for you to access? Too much security risk?

@Waterfixer Our remote access sessions are best done when they’re arranged; otherwise we’d just end up with some random Tablo’s trying to phone home, without any idea why!