Hard Drive requires formating?

@TabloSupport I recently updated the firmware and now it says Hard Drive needs formatting. I have tried to access my recording but it says no hardware available. I don’t want to lose all my recordings can you help. I have had my Tablo for about 3 years with no issues but now I can not access the recordings.

I would check all the cable connections to your usb hard drive (USB cable, Power cable). Maybe one of those is going bad?!?

I know people have had some kind of trouble when the power cable to the tablo unit itself was going bad. That could be it too.

Something is not right, and I’d suspect a usb cable or power cable going bad.

Hi there - I’d remove & reattach the drive. If that doesn’t do the trick, send our team a note and we can check it out.

Have you tried pressing the blue button to cause the Tablo to completely restart?