Hard Drive not connected. So it says

Tablo is no longer recording my shows. Says my hard drive is not connected. I’ve tried unplugging the drive and it doesn’t help. I also can’t get access from the tablo app on my phone. I was loving this thing now I’m having second thoughts. Do I already need a new hard drive or is the Tablo a piece of junk.

Quick update::

Hard drive is now showing up but it still won’t record. And I can’t watch the channels live that are supposedly recording. It kicks me out.

What hard drive did you get? Open a ticket and @TabloSupport will help you.

@Firepro64 - Sorry to hear that. It sounds like your drive may be suffering from disconnect issues. There may be some firmware that you can download for your drive to improve it but you may need to choose a different storage option.

Tablo Support would be happy to check things out to see what’s happening if you pop them a note: http://bit.ly/TabloTVHelp

Did you review our specs and suggestions here? https://www.tablotv.com/blog/tablo-usb-hard-drive-specifications-suggestions/

I was having disconnect issues (evident by recordings being split into multiple pieces) and the problem seems to have gone away when I replaced the USB cable. The USB cable that came with my external HDD must have been subpar despite the big ferrite beads. Try another cable?

I have the WD elements and the end of the USB that plugs into the hard drive is not standard. Not sure where I could buy a new cable.

This should work: http://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-USB-3-0-Cable-Micro-B/dp/B008EQZ25K

Thanks Flying Diver

I’ve had good luck with monoprice - lifetime warranty: http://www.monoprice.com/category?c_id=102&cp_id=10303&cs_id=1030310

If I have a failure they mail me a new cable without sending the old one back.