Hard Drive image transfer and file system expansion successful

For those that know how to do a bit of damage with Linux, you can drive image copy to a larger drive and expand the file system.

(2 TB max as per the current Tablo limitations)

Worked for me yesterday. I started out with a small utility drive 128 GB and didn’t want to lose recordings.
Have lots of room now on a 2 TB drive.

Block level imaging should work no?

Correct, should. Sometimes hardware UUID of the hard drive is used and can prevent replacement. In Tablo’s case it isn’t thankfully.

Is there a way to do this using a Windows PC without Linux knowledge? Perhaps a cloning option?

Yes you can, I used Acronis True Image to go from 200 GB to 320 GB with no problems.

That was on the same tablo though right?  Has anyone tried taking the drive off of the tablo, copying to a new larger drive, and then using that new larger drive on a different TAblo?  Thats really what I want to do when my quad tuner gets here


What were your steps for getting this to work? Did you need to connect the new hard drive first to get TabloTV to format it, or did you just disconnect your existing drive, clone it to the new one, and connect the new one to the Tablo unit?

Thank you.

@PiX We’ve been told you can’t go from Tablo to Tablo yet, so you’ll lose all your recordings when going to the quad tuner. Or even switching between dual tuners say the first one failed.

@Psilver Yes, just clone one drive to the next and then connect the new one to the Tablo. Do not connect to Tablo before cloning.

@theuser86, thats what i thought. thanks.