Hard Drive Failure Second Time In Six Months

I purchased my 4 tuner Tablo in January 2016 within 6 months the External Hard Drive failed 4TB, I replaced it and after 5 month the new hard drive failed. Any one have the same problem. Once I can accept but twice, come on!


I have been using a 2TB Seagate Passport usb drive for 2 yrs on Tablo with no problems. But the first 2TB Seagate Passport usb drive went south after about 6 mths. Wasn’t a big deal because I just took it back to Costco and got another one.

I had a hard drive failure … but it was totally my fault, I had it standing on its side (normal position) … and I accidentally knocked it over when it was recording content for a couple shows… killed it dead…

@ericgus Sounds about right. HDD’s are very delicate when they’re spinning. My cat knocked over my external disk to my desktop during a backup… Aaaaaaaand it’s gone.