Hard drive died, Tablo wont recognize new one


Ive had a Table 2 channel for 4 years. Tablo will not recognize new drive, says no hard drive connected. Any suggestions for troubleshooting? Using a WD 10eurx 1Tb drive


That’s an internal HDD, how do you have it connected to your Tablo?

Are you using a SATA to USB enclosure?


Yes. USB to SATA adapter. had been working fine with my prior hard drive. It started to do the repeat clicking noise and respooling.

I also tried an external 2gb new drive also…


To be clear, you’ve mentioned 3 drives? Origional “clickin” drive. New 1tb, and 2gb drive? Using an USB to SATA adapter, have to tried connecting to a pc to confirm function of the drives and/or the adapter?


Try plugging in a smartphone + USB adaptor into the Tablo’s USB port. If it starts charging the phone, this will at least confirm that the USB port is able to provide power. Don’t hesitate to send us a ticket & we can work with you on this.