Hard drive change out

How do I change out my hard drive without losing the current recorded content that is resident on the old hard drive?

There is no official way to do this yet, however many Tablo users have done it. You will find the following thread very helpful:

I just addressed needing a bigger hard drive, and read the posts on migrating recordings from one hard drive to a bigger one.

Most of them seemed complicated, and although I could have used those methods, I wanted something something simpler, so I decided to connect the smaller hard drive and the larger one to the Tablo using a USB splitter.

When I’m watching older recordings, I switch to the older one, and if I want to watch newer ones, I switch to the new one. I just have to be careful to have the switcher on the new one when I’m recording something. That’s not a big problem, but although the recording shows up on the list, it will state that the recording is unavailable until I switch to the other hard drive.

The plan is to delete recordings off the older one after watching them until they are gone. Then, I’ll format it and use it for other storage. If you want to save recordings, you’ll have to use one of the other methods people have posted.

That’s not a problem for me. I strictly use it to watch shows and movies, then delete them. They were getting close to filling up the older, smaller hard drive, so I went to the bigger hard drive so that won’t be a problem.

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