Hard Drive Capacity

Hello all!  I am new here and seriously considering the Tablo.  Can someone tell me what kind of capacity I might expect from a connected hard drive?  What I mean is if I connect a 2tb drive, how much content can I store (eg. 50hours).  Is there a chart or something that shows me this kind of data?

I record at 720p.  A show records at about 2GiB per hour.



It’s actually more than 2GiB per hour btw.  I recorded a program that was 2h 50min long and it occupied 8.96GiB.  It could depend upon compression tricks just how much you space it takes per hour.

1Tb would get you between 250 and 500 hours. 

I record 720p at the Roku/Chromecast setting, not sure where that gets me.