Hard Drirve Not Recognized by Windows

I detached my USB hard drive I use for Tablo and plugged it into Windows. It recognized that a hard drive had been plugged into it, but it did not show as a drive letter. I brought it up under disk management tool and saw the hard drive, but selecting it only brought out all additional commands grayed out, like format, assign drive letter, etc…

I wanted to clone the drive and put its contents onto a bigger drive. I was told it was possible to do in a Windows environment using cloning/imaging utilities.

Any ideas?

I’d read somewhere that the drive gets formatted in ext3. Haven’t verified but if true, you won’t easily be able to work with it in windows. Try linux?

@stevebob is right. Windows will do u no good at all. Linux will even be tricky.

There is a thread on this forum on how to clone the drive to a bigger one but not certain how effective it is.

Good luck.



Make the leap and try Linux, I did three years ago and couldn’t be happier.
If I can learn it, anyone can