Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone -

Just a quick note to wish our American friends a happy Thanksgiving and save travels if you’re heading out to visit family.

Since Tablo HQ is based in Canada, we’ll be here and available for assistance should you need us over the next few days.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. BTW Tablo was going to be a Christmas gift my wife and I were going to give to ourselves this coming December. We just expedited that by a few months :evergreen_tree:

I’m a big believer in expediting Christmas gifts. It doesn’t help anyone wrapped up under that tree!

Ditto @getcashmoney

Although my father is the opposite. He actually buys presents for himself and wraps them up for under the tree and puts a tag that says, “To Dave, from Santa. You have been a good boy this year.”

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He sounds Canadian. I’ll never understand our Northern neighbors. All that cold, arctic air makes y’all weird.

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to all.