Happy 2-year anniversary, Tablo!

Wow, can you believe this product has been out for two years now? Here are some of the highlights of the last 12 months.

  1. Greater than 2 GB hard drive support.
  2. FireTV and Android TV apps.
  3. New Roku app (and many fixes to stability)
  4. The new 1080p, 720p@60fps quality setting
  5. Move away from Flash to HTML5
  6. Plenty of bug fixes

For these next 12 months, the biggest thing appears to be the new AppleTV app. It also sounds like better sort options will be coming soon. There are plenty of items on the wish list to keep the Tablo folks busy during this time, but I do want to congratulate them for two years of a solid and very beneficial product.

Keep up the good work! :smile_cat:


Ah just what we needed this morning…a good rant.

Rant has a negative connotation - this is positive (I think).

It’s from me, so it is definitely positive. :relaxed:

Agree. Tablo has been a game changer for my wife and I. Without it, we missed cable. Got it (6 months ago) and now we wouldn’t go back whatever the offer.


Thanks @snowcat!

Time sure ‘flies’ when you’re having fun. It’s been awesome to spend every day working on such a great product with such an amazing fan base.

We’ve got lots of stuff in store for this year including Apple TV so we’re all very much looking forward to many more years of exciting growth!

And, just because I have the power to do so:


Here Here! Great work Tablo. My family adores your product.

@TabloTV said Apple TV! Does that mean the beta drops today? lol :laughing:

Because it’s April 1st can I say yes? :stuck_out_tongue:


Tablo has been a good product for my family and fit my needs really well. Keep up the good work.

I’ve had my Tablo for just over a year now, and once the stability issues were resolved, have been extremely pleased. I have to say that I value stability above all else, so even if no new features were added, as long as they don’t break what I now have in a future update, I’ll continue to be a happy camper. Some of the new things folks have been clamoring for such as 5.1 sound, bigger hard drive, etc., don’t impact me. I’m happy enough with the sound I get, and with my usage of Tablo, I’m currently using only a small fraction of my 2 TB drive’s capacity. I tend to record a lot of stuff on my 4 tuner Tablo, and delete most shows as soon as I watch them. Some of the new shows are waiting on the hard drive for summer hiatus to come, and then I’ll check them out. It’s like having my own Netflix, with a healthy backlog of shows awaiting watching.

I’d have to say that Tablo, for my needs, is just about perfect feature-wise, as is. As a former 19 year subscriber to DirecTV, I haven’t missed it one bit. Even with subscriptions to a few OTT streaming services, I have access to more TV than I can possibly watch, and I’m paying for and getting exactly what I want. My savings over satellite have been pretty substantial.


Just to get some more good comments going since April 2016.

Savings, cox cable, OTA Plug :grinning:$100 a month, only 100 meg $75 a month internet

Apple tv4 and Tablo app working great, fast…still waiting for ios functionality features
OTA working great now that antenna and connectivity issues were dealt with
A good investment quality OTA antenna is a must and more importantly location and height
Also, make channel scans faster and adding channels faster is to only choose the 4 or 5 green dot channels ONLY. I noticed if i tried yellow or red …alot slower, plus we don’t watch anything in the yellow or red anyway
I think a must is a good quality AC up-to-date firmware router wireless router and ethernet evrything u can :grinning:

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