Happy 1-year anniversary, Tablo!

One year ago this week, the first non-beta Tablos were shipped to all the pre-order customers in Canada and America.   It was a moment that many of us had waited a few months to happen, but the wait was definitely worth it.  :-bd

It is interesting to look back and see how far the Tablo has come since those first 2-tuner devices were sent out.
1. Four-tuners were ready a couple of months later
2. Chromecast support
3. Web apps for Android and Apple smartphones
4. Duplicate recording problem resolved
5. Manual recordings
6. Close Captioning for Roku and iPad
7. Plex Support
8. Resume recordings
9. Numerous speed and stability improvements
10. Amazon tablet support
11. Subscriptions working
12. Extending recordings for live shows

Year two looks to be even more exciting for the Tablo.  Here are a few things that should happen this years (some in just a week)
1. Android TV and FireTV support
2. New Roku interface
3. Much improved hard drive support (including greater than 2TB) .   This is probably the #1 frustration with new users, and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

There are also a good number of feature requests that we users have submitted, and many should be implemented in these next 12 months.  
It seems hard to believe that a year has passed, and I can’t wait to see what happens these next 12 months.

My box will be 1 year old at the end of June, and I would like to second Snowcat’s enthusiasm for the platform.  To date I’ve saved over $900 easily covering the cost of my initial equipment buy.

Tablo is now an old geezer in tech years (sort of like dog years but with a faster accelerated aging)

It’s a huge leap forward in such a short time. They are a small responsive company, likely responsive because they are small. Unfortunately that seems to fade as companies grow - the bigger they get the less they care about the customer and individuals. 
While I want them to succeed beyond the hopes of the venture capitalist(s), I also hope that growth doesn’t come too fast so they don’t lose who they are. 

So far they appear to be a perfect mix of ability, response, support, quality, etc. It would be very difficult to imagine things being much better.

Tablo has proven that one can succeed while being nice and being responsive to the little customer. 

I have very few “complaints”. It’s getting better all the time, and quickly, too.

I’d almost leave Amazon tablet support off the list, though, because that’s not a big deal and doesn’t really cover most Amazon device owners.
Tablo Amazon tablet support is extremely limited to just a small handful of the Kindle/Fire devices. My wife has a nice Fire tablet, it’s not that old, has a larger screen than many 'droid devices and yet Tablo doesn’t support it at all. It’s extremely capable and quick, but alas… so while they do support some, they don’t support many Amazon tablets, it’s a small, short elite list of the newest of the Fire tablet family. 
Hers is a Kindle Fire HD - large, fast, reliable, runs all sorts of games and other new software but not supported by Tablo, bummer.

Thanks @snowcat

You forgot a few things like:
- Auto delete so users don’t have to manage their hard drives
- Auto extend recordings for live events
- Watched indicators 

And new today - Tablo Clock: https://www.tablotv.com/blog/introducing-tablos-newest-app-tablo-clock/ :) 

It’s been a really exciting year and we’re very much looking forward to all of the cool stuff on deck for this year and beyond. 

Thanks everyone for your amazing support and help in making Tablo more awesome! 

That clock will go awesome with my new phone OS…  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irJQDGw8Ptk

Is it April already?

Happy Anniversary! Switched over from Simple.tv and haven’t looked back :).

Happy Anniversary! Switched over from Simple.tv and haven't looked back :).

Oh  “Sh*t.TV” ? … the device that was incable of tuning my local ABC affiliate station even with 100% quality/signal … I think I still got one collecting dust in the closet … I should probably ebay the thing.

Thank goodness, I was hoping it would flash 12:00 forever until it was set. Good, now I’ll be able to fall asleep in my chair to the blinking 12:00 display.
How cool is that!

For now I simply took a picture of the flashing 12:00 display on an old VCR downstairs, printed and taped it to the front of my Tablo to make it - and me - feel more at home. 

For now I simply took a picture of the flashing 12:00 display on an old VCR downstairs, printed and taped it to the front of my Tablo to make it - and me - feel more at home. 

LOL - good choice.