Hannibal on TV Shows but not Prime Time?

Kept waiting to schedule Hannibal Season 3. Then noticed that it is already on Episode 3. Just looked in Prime Time and still not listed, but it is listed on the all TV shows page. Database issue?

San Francisco bay area. I would quote what channel were it stated in the information . . . .

Interesting. It is listed on my Prime Time page here in Nashville. I had it set to record since last season, so the Tablo remembered and started recording the new episodes.

@oldmike - That’s weird. What time does it air in SF?

10:00pm; still not on the Prime Time list.

Out of curiosity, are other 10 PM shows on your prime time list?

I see 110 shows on my prime time list (including Hanibal), and I have only 8 channels active. Do you have more or less than that? I am just curious if being in Pacific time does something strange with the Tablo.

I never really paid attention to that screen, but there are some interesting quirks about it. The latest show that I have is Jimmy Kimmel Live, which starts at 10:35 PM Central. I wouldn’t call that “prime time”. Also, if any episode of a show is in prime time, it is listed in that category, even if there are a lot of episodes being shown at 1 in the morning (usually different channels have different timeslots and episodes).

You may have uncovered the real issue. I only have 86 on my Prime Time list. Of those, I only see one show (Dateline) with a 10:00 start time. I just checked an on line schedule for tonight. It shows The Mentalist, Under The Dome, and Rookie Blue at 10:00. I have none of them on my Prime Time list. The last two are listed under TV Shows, The Mentalist is not. So both lists are incomplete.

Hopefully the Tablo folks can look at it. Sounds like the programming for “prime time” is a bit off for the west coast.