Halp, I can't record anymore


I set up a bunch of recording yesterday and nothing would record.

I dont have an active subscription, so I use manual recording. I set up the recording from my iphone app yesterday, also tried from my ipad app after and nothing would work.

The recordings are showing in “scheduled” but are not happening, there are no conflicts showing either.

I’ll try to reboot everything tonight but I wonder if it happened to anyone else besides me, and what could be the cause.

@jayeffgee - If you pop us a note we can investigate why: http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I’m wondering maybe if your hard drive is offline?

No this is not it because I watched recordings yesterday and it played fine.

I’ll check it again tonight and will open up a ticket so you guys can have a look what may cause this.

I opened up a ticket yesterday.

After rebooting my modem / router / Tablo, now my guide is updating fine (was showing last update 1 month before), I set a recording at 19:30 it went fine and I set another one at 21:00 and this one didnt work.

I’ll factory reset my tablo and reformat my hard drive tonight, then I’ll report if this is still going on.

I’m just sharing this in case anyone else has a similar issue.

You can also lose recording if your antenna signal isn’t solid on a particular channel. See if there’s a correlation between lost recordings and channel selection.

Nah I have a pretty good antenna and if a recording does not start because of bad signal, it will show a conflict.

After a factory reset and a hard drive reformat, everything seems to be fixed. I can start recording in the middle of a show, can set manual recordings and so on.

This only started for me in 2.2.8, no other variables since I’ve had the same equipment in place since pre 2.2.2.

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