Hack attack

Tablo…something needs to be done on our community site. I went in to see what is new, who needs help or just questions or comments in general. Problem is all the spam. I think the first page of threads had maybe, maybe, two actual comments. 

I know you guys can see it too, but is there a way to secure the community?

Yes, there are many ways to reduce forum spam.   Forum moderators could also help.   I nominate snowcat  :)

I wouldn’t mind that. :slight_smile:  I used to do it for a Titans forum for a while.

+1 to snowcat

Hell I wouldn’t mind being one too haha

I think it is time to add the CAPTCHA/ image verification for the forum. It is getting really bad now.

Unleash the @Snowcat on invaders of false promises.

The spam is out of control!

CAPTCHA is OK, as long is isn’t ridiculously difficult  and takes 4 or 5 tries to login

And they really want us to watch Penguins.

Google’s new one-click captcha looks like a great option, hoping to see that rolled out widely on the web as soon as possible.


I also think appointing mods would be a good idea.  I’ve volunteered several times already.

Sorry all… Agreed this is getting ridiculous. 

We’re going to sit down with our sys admin today and see what methods we can use to make the site harder for spammers to get at.